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Shipping Packages

There are four private shipping services available on Provo, one in Grand Turk: FedEx, UPS, DHL, and IBC. Though expensive, this method is the only reliable way to send something to or from the islands. The service getting it to and from the islands is consistent, but direct delivery to and from homes and businesses throughout the islands may be a problem. Visitors are advised to pick up packages at the offices of FedEx and UPS, unless they’re staying at a major resort.


DHL. DHL provides international shipping services. Town Centre Mall, Downtown, Providenciales. 649/946–4352;

FedEx. Leeward Hwy., Unit 109A, Providenciales. 649/946–4682;

International Bonded Couriers. This company provides international shipping services. Courtyard Plaza, Providenciales. 649/941–4200; 649/941–4204;

Philatelic Bureau. This crowded and very busy little post office has a variety of stamps for purchase, but you might be in line for a while. Expect to pay $0.75 for a postcard and $0.80 for a letter home. The postal service does its best, but there is the chance that your note will never make it home. Town Center Mall, Downtown, Providenciales. .

UPS. UPS offers international services, with delivery on Providenciales and Grand Turk. Airport Rd., Providenciales. 800/742–5877; 649/941–4048;


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