Lake Mckenzie

Fraser Coast

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Lake Mckenzie

Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is probably the most well-known freshwater lake in Australia. Located a 100 metres above the sea level, it is classified as a “perched lake” — all of the crystal-clear water comes from the rain. High levels of acidity in the lake and the fact that all nutrients have been washed out of the shimmering white silica sand make the water unsuitable for nearly all forms of plant and fish life. It is likely the purest water you'll ever dip your toes in. The Aboriginal name for the lake is Boorangoora, which means "waters of wisdom". It was and still is knowns as a place for decision-making.

Do & See

The whole area is a playground for any visiting animal lover wishing to encounter the migrating whales at sea, the egg-laying and hatching of loggerhead turtles on lovely Mon Repos Beach and other abundant marine life. Why not travel back in time to visit the charming old Victorian town of Maryborough and the gold mining museum in Gympie that re-presents the time of its golden era, which had gold diggers flocking to the town and saved Queensland from bankruptcy. You will for sure find some favourite activities to do whether it is relaxing by the beautiful beaches or exploring the amazing nature. If you're a fan of adrenaline, the region offers plenty of activities like hang gliding from the Carlo Sand Blow, racing on the Hervey Bay Go-kart Track or jet skiing along the coast. Whatever you choose to do make sure to enjoy this stunning region.