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Often overshadowed by Montego Bay, Falmouth is a promising destination on the verdant north shore of Jamaica. The city is rich in architectural heritage reflecting centuries of intriguing history, and is surrounded by natural wonders that show just how much life in Jamaica is intertwined with water — from gushing springs and waterfalls to the calm Caribbean embracing the coast.


Falmouth is located in Trelawny Parish, 15 miles away from Cockpit Country, Jamaica's uninhabitable rainforest with a biological diversity that's unparalleled on the entire island. Historically speaking, the town gained importance in the late 18th century, a period when Jamaica was the world's leading sugar producer. From the port to great houses to cane fields, the whole area was dedicated to serving trade — including that of slaves — which was making Falmouth one of the busiest places in the region. This period, which began its decline with the abolition of slavery, is preserved in spectacular fretwork buildings built in Jamaican Georgian style, which still dominate the townscape today. Nowadays, Falmouth was given another chance to shine thanks to the redevelopment of the cruise port, completed in 2011 — and the city's rich past and geographical location make it well worth disembarking cruise ships, to immerse ourselves in its eventful history and admire its unique natural environment.


Signature Jamaican dishes — from oxtail to jerk chicken — are available in most restaurants of Falmouth, and the culinary experience is enhanced by outdoor venues and the charm of the historic town.

Do & See

Although a relatively new addition to Jamaica's map of cruise ports, Falmouth stands out with wondrous natural spectacles and captivating Georgian architecture, with each building having a fascinating story to tell.


The lively, colorful triangle that is the Port of Falmouth is home to stores and merchandise of great variety, and shopping options abound even after you set foot in the town's historic quarter.